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Posted by: athomas
I am not usually one to grandstand.

Still, this most recent CNBC report provides some good context around the evolution of the air rage challenge over the past 25 years.

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Posted by: athomas
The penetration of the cockpit by a passenger while an AA flight was boarding in Honduras might be viewed by some as just another crazy guy freaking out.

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It could very well be true that it was just another case of Air Rage.

Still, we can never let our guard down.

As documented in my book of September 2001, there were 36 cases of a passenger entering the cockpit of a commercial airliner in the 2 years prior to 9/11. Each of these were passed-off by government officials and the airlines as isolated incidents committed by unstable passengers.

Yet, we also know from detainee briefings of captured al-qaeda operatives that the 9/11 planners saw the weak cockpit door as THE vulnerability to be exploited on that day.

We need to remember that Air Rage incidents provide more calculating and dangerous actors tremendous insight into many security measures and vulnerabilities within the air transport system.