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The compelling footage captured by a passenger on a recent Air Canada flight shows the unnerving situation the flight crew and passengers had to deal with. Kudos to both groups for maintaining control and professionalism throughout the incident.

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Unfortunately, mental illness remains one of the leading causes of air rage incidents around the world.
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A newly-released UK report details the rapid increase of air rage cases this year. The report concludes there were more than 2,000 cases this year involving passengers on UK flights.

If we were to extrapolate these numbers to the U.S. - where there are more than 5 times the quantity of passengers and flights- the amount of annual air rage incidents surpasses 10,000.

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Instead of turning over his litre of vodka to proceed through an airport checkpoint, a German traveler decided to chug the entire amount. What's the saying, "My wife 'yes', my job 'maybe', my booze 'never'."

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I have not always been the biggest fan of the airlines, especially as it relates to aviation security policy. Nevertheless, when something positive is accomplished, it needs to be recognized.

To better manage customer expectations, Delta Airlines has developed and distributed a series of YOU TUBE videos that sets the stage for passengers. Managing customer expectations is vital in every industry. It is even more crucial for air travel, where the gap between expectations and reality can lead to serious situations such as air rage incidents.

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