The topics of aviation security and air rage are not very uplifting. Many of the stories and decisions that are analyzed are often depressing and downright sad.

Rather than exploring the actions of the usual subjects, I would like to use today's post to describe a heroic action that saved someone's life last Thursday on Continental Flight 380 from Las Vegas to Cleveland.

Not long after take-off, a passenger who had recently undergone heart surgery began to experience serious pain. A fellow passenger immediately responded, assessed the situation, and began to administer an IV to stablize her low pressure.

Using a seat-back phone, he communicated with a physician giving regular updates and describing the woman's improvement as a result of the IV. It was quickly decided by the Captain that the plane should make an emergency landing in Denver, where the ill, but improving passenger, was taken to a local hospital.

Here's to you Dad- Robert D. Thomas, CRNA- for your heroic actions. Job well done!!!