The two-year anniversary of the final report of The 9-11Commission is approaching. Pols on all sides will try to get their mugs on the evening news with wasteful comments like "we can do more", "we need to increase spending", "we haven't been attacked since 9-11", etc, etc.

The fact is, the final report itself was a cover-up by the Washington-crowd concerning the failings of the same Washington-crowd. Osama Bin Laden is not omniscient nor omnipresent. Specific deficiencies had to exist within the Unted States which enabled the bad guys to do what they did on 9-11. The nexus of those failings was the aviation security apparatus.

Sickeningly, no one within the FAA, the agency entrusted by the American people to protect air transport in the United States, has ever been held accountable for the actions they undertook that empowered Al-Qaeda to kill three thousand innocent people.

Until we have real accountability, nothing will truly ever change. And all of the bluster about the 9-11 Commission will be just that: a waste of time.